25th Provincial Council Meeting

19 - 23 October 2016. Diocese of Pretoria.




In order for the Provincial Executive to share the load of co-ordinating and supporting the Dioceses, they will cluster them into small groups of 2 to 4 and allocate a member to each cluster. This member will continuously liaise with the Diocese.


The Cluster Co-ordinator will:

  1. Support the Diocesan Executive
  2. Ensure that the Dioceses are aware of the AWF rules, regulations and constitution.
  3. Ensure that each Diocese submits the reports at the given timeframes.
  4. Assist in the facilitation of workshops for the Dioceses
  5. On invitation, represent the Provincial President when she is unable to attend Diocesan Events.
  6. Attend the elections Annual General Meeting of each Diocese.

The Diocese should therefore make sure that they copy all reports and requests submitted to the province to their Cluster Co-ordinators, to ensure that the co-ordinator is informed and able to give the required support.


Dioceses are also advised that they may invite the Provincial President and Cluster Co-ordinator to visit their Dioceses. The Provincial President may only visit a Diocese once during her term, i.e. one term of office. The Province will settle the travelling fare, but the Dioceses must ensure that all accommodation and meals are seen to by the Dioceses.

If the Diocese wants the Cluster Co-ordinator to visit them for a second time during one Provincial Cycle, they will then bear the costs for all their travel, accommodation and meals of the second visit.